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BlueN Ltd. is a venture firm that is located at the energy environme nt research center in KAIST, the Mecca of Korean science and tech nology.

The company specializes in environmental technology and concentrates on air and water quality. In the field of air-quality improvement, BlueN has performed resear ch and development on the anion generator and metal oxide cataly st filter, and our technology is recognized as the world’s best.

Our products have an excellent capacity to purify indoor contaminants and enhance human health conditions. Furthermore, we have developed the phytoncide generating system, the indoor natural wind cleaning system, the oxygen generating system, the photocatalyst system, the functional filters and the LED desktop lamp.
Our research and development efforts are concentrated on the business of making indoor air clean and healthy like that of a green forest. In the field of water quality improvement, we will introduce antioxidizing water that removes active oxygen which leads to aging and diseases, while promoting human health through drinking water.

BlueN will help to ensure a green environment that contributes to human prosperity and happiness. We will continue to meet the challenge of creating a better environment.